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[edit] The Final Test

Image:Phase 2 Countdown.png

Phase II began on November 15 12 PM PST. The players were presented with a series of twelve questions. The first one hundred players to answer all the questions correctly, win a pair of Levi's jeans and a chance to participate in the Phase III.

The questions listed below are paraphrased from memory and not in order as presented. A reference has been added in this listing to serve as a hint - these were not included in the test.

What is the full name of the main character?

Grayson Ozias IV

What is the postmark date on the postcard?
See Clue 1

Feb 8, 1890

Where would Grayson find letters from Nathan in San Francisco?
See Cylinder 2

Levi Strauss

Who took Grayson in while in Charleston?
See Cylinder 3


What was the secret message on the washboard?
See Clue 4

A sir cages

What items did Grayson leave behind in Chicago?
See Clue 5

flask, suspenders, belt, book

Who published the playing cards?
See Clue 6

chisholm bros.

What town was once called Never Sweat?
See Clue 7

Dubois, WY

What is written on the key tag found in Durango?
See Clue 8

i am myself the clock

What is the name of the bar in Portland?
See Cylinder 9

Snug Harbor

Where did Grayson see interesting plant life?
See Cylinder 10

golden gate park

What was found in the package at the historic Sun Sun Wo store?
See Clue 11
jeans, invitation to randsburg, journal entry, solution to cipher

(This final questioned proved to be the most troublesome for the players as specific keywords were required to solve it. The last item included on this list might be unnecessary.)

The game continued to the final cipher.

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