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These clues to the location of Grayson's fortune are collected from


[edit] The Clues

Can you help? Translated quite a bit of the later clues but the early ones are proving tricky. Nothing clicks in to place as well as it has with Clues 4 and 5.

It looks like the clues are in reverse order. Starting at clue 5->clue 1 getting closer to the location.

[edit] Clue 1

From Clue 3 cipher:

"The crescent waxes, shepherd to where I lay my burden down. Then a last skirmish with this obdurate Earth, our contest a three foot draw. From the riven rock a measure nine times that, my course yet clandestine."

What does it mean?

Translation: Under the crescent moon I buried the treasure. I then dug a three foot hole 27 feet from the split rock, my path is (yet) a secret.

But some of the phrases could be more metaphorical.

"The crescent waxes" may refer to a shape or formation coming closer?

What is the riven rock? And how does it connect to the other clues?

[edit] Clue 2

From Clue 5 cipher:

"I left the road and journey'd far past trace of any human hand. The waning sun across the great ancient ocean of stone cast my attitude, dancing tall before me, a second self."

What does it mean?

Translation: I went off road, away from paths. I headed East, as the sun set behind Refrigerator Canyon(?) in the West casting a shadow in front of me.

Refrigerator Canyon has walls that could be described as waves. See:

[edit] Clue 3

From Clue 8 cipher:

"Through crimson cathedrals I alone with my task winding up from those devilish plains this salvation but temporary."

What does it mean?

Are the crimson cathedrals the canyon walls?

By winding up, does it mean taking one of the trails up off the canyon floor? Is the salvation going from the devilish plains in to safety of the the cathedral hill?

Is it the West Rim Trail which leads to a winding path called Walter's Wiggles? If so then where to turn off from here?

Translation: Leaving Zion Canyon floor. Leaving Zion.

Reasoning: Zion features massive stone formations and red (crimson) cliff faces that have elicited feelings of reverence in those who have paused to reflect on this area's majesty. Isaac Behunin became the first permanent European-American settler in the canyon when he built a one-room log cabin near the present location of Zion Lodge in 1861. Behunin named his new home Zion, remarking, “A man can worship God among these great cathedrals as well as in any man-made church – this is Zion”. Zion has both a Cathedral Mountain and an East and West Temple (cathedral is a temple). There are many descriptions of Zion as Cathedral walled canyon. Winding up would seem to indicate twisting, turning upward motion...moving up switchbacks. Serpentine is a synonym for Devilish..another allusion to switchbacks? Or is it alluding toward movement to the Temple of Aeolus (Angels Landing)? Zion National Park is on the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau (or plain).The Markagunt Plateau (or plain) encompasses Zion. The canyons of Zion were a holy place to the Paiute Indians is this why the plains are termed devilish? The meaning of Zion- “place of refuge” or sanctuary...G.O's. time of salvation in this Zion is temporary.

[edit] Clue 4

From Clue 10 cipher:

"Across the county of our fallen savior that freer of men that fierce Hector of our Troy my journey pointed me towards the white citadel of he that didst spear the serpent."

What does it mean?

Translation: Across Washington County, my journey pointed me towards the Great White Throne in Zion National Park.

Alternate interpretation

Translation: (From California) across Lincoln County in southern Nevada, my journey pointed me towards the St. George Utah Temple.

Alternate Translation: Across Washingon County Utah toward the St. George Utah Temple. Reasoning:Saint George speared a dragon---technically a dragon is a serpent (in Greek ‘drakon’ is serpent…derivative of word dragon). Citadel is a fortress or a stronghold--White citadel has to be St. George Utah Temple which in architectural terms is built in a castellated style---a defensive architecture, like a battlement. St. George is in Washington County. George Washington was a great warrior (Hector was greatest warrior in Troy) whose leadership was integral in freeing America from British rule…internet search turns up many references to him as soldier, statesman and savior of our country….

[edit] Clue 5 - The Final Clue

From the final cipher:

"Against my bearing, a storm appeared above the bench so named. But my direction was true and I succeeded its tests soon to drink from a river untouched. Beside it I rested within the pocket before continuing to that riven rock."

What does it mean?

Translation: Behind me, a storm appeared above Hurricane Bench. I continued North(?) and I succeeded its tests soon to drink from the Virgin River. Beside it I rested within the pocket before continuing to that riven rock.

What is the pocket?

[edit] Maps, Photos, Misc Info!

Any useful resources? Add them here.

Map of Zion National Park:

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