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I'd like to use this discussion area to collaborate on what might be said in some of the obscured sections of the recordings, before actually editing the article. There has been a lot of discussion about the whisper at the very end of the Intro Video on, but I'll start with the most recent one that I have been trying to figure out...

Clue 4

<snip> But the place I had long sought, that (night was/ night life ??) down on the (I think this section may be reversed and very choppy. It might be "Mississippi. Although I had no money"  ??) ...might join them to play on the street, short of funds I was. They obliged, and the next day I arrived on the spot with my violin. They at first laughed at my classical, stiff-backed way of playing, but I soon learned the improvised fiddle rags they required of me. (very low in tone, it's a repeat of what was recorded early on the cylinder."Atlanta still showed the scars of the nation's feuding" Perhaps this effect happens with old wax cylinders?) I heard wild tales of privateers and such told between sazeracs. However our specific corner more often (reminded me of) my time spent in the pews.<snip>

What do you think?

--Drizjr 22:59, 16 October 2009 (MST)

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