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[edit] Clue 3 Letters

Kyle received these letters as part of the Clue 3 pickup in South Carolina. They also contained a cipher on the back of the letter.

[edit] Content

Mysterious campfire on the shore. And
then another, later, peering at me
through the trees.

As seen from the sea, they seem like
beacons warning not against shoal or hazard
but rather signaling a secret kinship for
though I know nothing of those who
gather at these fires or their circumstances,
I confess their lights give me some strange
measure of comfort.

I do not understand at this early stage what
my leaving is about. I recognize that it
may well be a kind of young man’s

(second page)

folly. It feels as if a spell has been
cast over me, and I operate as another
with whom I am barely acquainted. And then
fear strikes, and a sharp pang of loss.
And the asking- when will I see again
those I leave behind?

But the fear subsides, as it has before.
And in this air and openness, I am again
content. And that contentment is enough for me.

It feels suddenly odd even to write words,
like they have no place in this night.

Enough then.
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