Clue 11 Letter

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[edit] Clue 11 Letter

Part of the artifacts collected during the Clue 11 deaddrop in Coulterville.

[edit] Contents

Descending, I emerged from the
sequoias onto the plateau east of the Kern.

Such sensation overcame me there – the
lush whisper of that great vastness all
around me, and within it a sort of
humming, as if the infinite had been
struck and touched to me like a
tuning fork.

Then into Kernville (which some there
still called Whiskey Flat), and later on
to Weldon before heading into the desert.

Turning, I looked back at that
cathedral of peaks forming the southern
edge of the Sierra Nevada and knew
in some deep place that I would
never come that way again.

Then to Randsburg.
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