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[edit] Clue 10 Letter

Part of the artifacts collected during the Clue 10 deaddrop in San Francisco.

[edit] Contents

“Now I am terrified at the Earth … It turns
harmless and stainless on its axis with such
endless successions of diseas’d corpses … It gives
such divine materials to men, and accepts such
leavings from them at last."
Autumn Rivulets 287.1

I suddenly feel this world’s cold dispassion.

Was I once so naive about such things, thinking
that she offered her joys without cost? Thinking
that these joys were offerings at all, rather than a
trick of my own fragmentary perception?

The cost is in our hope that she might hold
us to her and care for her poor innocents. But
she is a spinning rock, blind to our toil and
deaf to our pleading as she sails through space.

In my grief, even this marvelous city – as
much like a home to me as the one I left
nearly four years ago – can offer no comfort.

And so I am now back to traveling. Perhaps,
like this rock, my only right condition is
ceaseless motion.

Then move I shall, until I find a place
from which to pull a fortune and see if
that might offer an end to doubt.
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